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Yanaka Beer Hall: Craft Beer In A Traditional Setting

With its bustling Ginza shopping street, veteran shopkeepers, winding backstreets and well-preserved architecture, Yanaka is one of the best places to experience the Tokyo of yesteryear. All over the neighbourhood, you can catch glimpses of Showa-era (1926...

Matsumoto Castle: Ninjas and Crows and Koi, Oh My!

Japan is a land of many castles—some 300 to be precise. Admittedly, they can begin to look quite similar after a time, so it’s worth knowing which ones hold particular importance. Of the 300, only twelve castles...

Crafting Culture at Hida Folk Village

Looking to travel back in time during your stay in Takayama? Hida Folk Village is a quaint, serene and authentic look into Japan's craft history. Hida Folk Village is a little known gem hidden in the hills of...