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Kanazawa Itinerary: A One-Day Tour in this Historic City

For lovers of Japanese culture and history, a visit to Kanazawa is a must. Although its location is a bit remote, the Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo and express trains from Kyoto make a side-trip here quite feasible. Catch all the historic highlights in...

The Teahouse Districts of Kanazawa

Kanazawa is famous for its history, beauty, and unique Japanese culture. These elements all come together in the city's three well-preserved teahouse districts: Higashi Chaya, Nishi Chaya, and Kazue Machi.  Higashi Chaya: The Big One Of...

The Nagamachi District: Home of Kanazawa’s Samurai

History has been kind to Kanazawa. Incredibly, the city survived countless fires over time as well as bombings during World War II. As a result, traveling here gives visitors the opportunity to see well preserved historic neighborhoods. One of these, the Nagamachi...

Oyama Jinja, a Unique Shinto Shrine in Kanazawa

In a land filled with shrines, Kanazawa’s Oyama Jinja still manages to stand out. This jumble of a shinto shrine is striking to look at, and also represents some of the city’s pivotal Maeda history. 

Omicho Market, Where Kanazawa Does Its Shopping

Omicho Market, also known as “Kanazawa’s Kitchen”, has been feeding the city as far back as the Edo Period. Locals, chefs, and tourists alike all flock to the covered alleyways of this fish market in the morning for fresh seafood straight from...

21st Century Museum: Modern Art in a Historic City

The city of Kanazawa has many things to see, including idyllic, historic neighborhoods and traditional arts and crafts. A surprising sight is the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. For a dose of modern culture while here, a visit to the playful...

Kanazawa Castle: A Historic Symbol of Feudal Japan

It would be a shame to come all the way to Kanazawa, a Japanese castle town, and not pay a visit to the castle! The beautifully reconstructed fortress has extensive grounds and is located close to many other great attractions.

Noto Peninsula Drive, A Day Trip From Kanazawa

After spending a few days sightseeing in Kanazawa, get out of the city for a picturesque drive around Noto Peninsula. This rugged peninsula offers it’s fair share of local charm and natural beauty and is a perfect day trip in Ishikawa Prefecture. 

The D.T. Suzuki Museum: Feeling Zen in Kanazawa

Although Kanazawa is one of Japan’s smaller cities, it still has plenty of sights to see. While there, take a break out of your busy itinerary to get zen while learning about Zen Buddhism at the modest but tranquil D.T. Suzuki Museum.