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Cool Down With Green Tea Soba, Perched Over A Flowing River

Uji is all about green tea; it's past, present and future are deeply rooted in tea culture. A quick stroll through town is enough to clue you in, with celebrity-status tea houses and green coloured foods everywhere you turn. For matcha lovers...

Beat The Heat With These Three Kawadoko River Dining Spots in Kyoto

Summers in Kyoto can be surprisingly hot and humid. Luckily, the pragmatic ancient locals realised long ago that the river's surface, with its lower air temperature and higher velocity breeze, had serious cooling potential. With a little ingenuity, kawadoko river dining came...

Nature’s Air-Con: Nagashi Sōmen Flowing Noodles Kawadoko Style at Hirobun, Kibune

Wondering how to cool off in Japan’s humid summer? Perhaps you’re munching your way through a Japanese food checklist and hoping to try something new? Well, look no further than nagashi somen, or flowing noodles. This simple, refreshing summer dish is a...