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A Tuna Extravaganza at Maguro Mart in Nakano

Tuna lovers visiting Tokyo should consider a meal at Maguro Mart. As the name suggests, it’s all about maguro—bluefin tuna. If that doesn’t float your boat, don’t eat here. They use every single part of the tuna, from the bones to more...

Magurodake Bono Shirakawa’s Tuna Donburi Keeps Lunch Sweet and Simple

Roppongi isn’t all swanky clubs and expensive restaurants. As with most areas in Tokyo, there’s always more beneath the surface. Wander a little further afield from the main Midtown area and you’ll find a few surprises, like antique shops or tiny little...

All-You-Can-Eat Tuna Bowl at Kashi no Ichi Fish Market

kashi no ichi fish market tuna bowl-12
Tuna, or ‘maguro’ in Japanese, is a heavyweight of the sushi and sashimi arena. It is a delicious fish with a reputation that precedes it. For example, take the famous tuna auctions of Tsukiji and Toyosu Markets. Tourists arrive at the crack...