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Nanzen-ji: Heart of the Five Mountains.

'Temple Fatigue' is one of the most common afflictions affecting foreign visitors to Kyoto. Of course, each and every guidebook claims that any given Buddhist Temple is 'unmissable.' Lacking clear guidance, tourists traipse from one near-identical zen paradise to the next. Eventually,...

Kyoto City Walking Tour: Zen, Books, and Coffee.

View This Walking Tour on Google Maps The historical city of Kyoto was the capital of Japan during the nation's most prolific period of cultural growth and refinement. In 1868, Kyoto lost its capital city status when Japan's...

Tenju-an: Lost in Reflection in Nanzen-ji’s Hidden Garden

Kyoto is awash with picturesque gardens and ponds. Be they dry-stone, botanical or verdant moss or ponds filled with koi, the city offers endless choices. Naturally, each competes for a visitor's limited time. Few travellers visit Tenju-an, an unassuming side garden located...