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Take a Refreshing Pause at Shizuoka’s ‘Tea Room in the Sky’

shizuoka tea fields
Green fields of tea ー almost ready to be harvested ー extend out across the mountain at an altitude of 350 meters. Seat yourself on a wooden terrace built right into the middle of the Shizuoka tea field, and enjoy your own...

Green Tea Lovers Should Make a Pilgrimage To Uji… Right Now

Listen up green tea lovers! It’s time to get yourself down to Uji, aka the jewel in the crown of Kyoto’s tea scene. Here, the young tea leaves are shaded before being hand picked, giving them a unique flavour that has planted...

A Tranquil Tea Ceremony at Uji’s Taihoan Tea House

For green tea fans, there’s really no going past Uji—a town with tea in its proverbial veins. Here, local growers employ a unique method of shading the leaves before hand picking, resulting in a rich, umami taste. Tea houses dot the town...