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A Visit To The Oldest Eel Restaurant in Tokyo: Izuei Honten

Unagi is a bit of a thing in Japan. Loved for centuries with an annual unagi-eating day and superstitious ties to virility, it has consequently and unsurprisingly made its way onto the endangered species list. This fact, coupled with its rising price...

Ueno Park: One of the Best Places to see Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Ueno Park
Come springtime in Japan, there’s one thing on everybody’s mind: cherry blossoms. People watch the forecasts, scrutinise the buds and, when the time is right, head to the parks to lay down their picnic blankets and crack into the snacks. It’s all...

Akihabara to Ueno Part 2: An Ueno Tour

Unlike Akihabara, which comprises the first part of this tour, Ueno offers a more laidback atmosphere. Dominated by the central Ueno park, the area is home to several museums, temples, and shrines—not to mention a massive zoo. It’s a little less flashy...