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Things To See And Do In Nozawa Onsen (That Don’t Involve Snow!)

Nestled deep in the beech covered folds of northern Nagano prefecture, Nozawa Onsen is a picturesque village, home to 4,000 people. Sitting at the foot of Mount Kenashi, it comes alive in winter with one of the...

Exploring Art, History and Culture at Naoshima’s Art House Project

It’s early winter in Honmura and the burnt cedar lining of the old homes shines in the morning light. This small village on Naoshima Island’s east coast has a history woven with fishing and salt production. Go back 500 years and you'll...

Things to do in Yunomine Onsen

Yunomine Onsen in Wakayama Prefecture Japan, like other countries located in the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’, is volcanically active and prone to numerous earthquakes. The four tectonic plates underneath this island nation cause daily tremors and are responsible...

Ine Village, Kyoto’s Rustic Fishing Town

ine village coastal town kyoto
The town of Ine is located approximately 130km north of Kyoto, on the coast of the Sea of Japan. Due to its seaside location, fishing and seafood have long been part of the history of the area. Since the 1700’s, local fisherman have built...