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Sofukuji Temple: Nagasaki’s Ming Dynasty Jewel

Ryugumon (Gate of the Dragon Palace) Visiting Nagasaki, you’ll quickly see that it’s a very different kind of Japanese city. The centuries-old influences from China and Europe still remain as much a part of the cultural and physical...

The D.T. Suzuki Museum: Feeling Zen in Kanazawa

Although Kanazawa is one of Japan’s smaller cities, it still has plenty of sights to see. While there, take a break out of your busy itinerary to get zen while learning about Zen Buddhism at the modest but tranquil D.T. Suzuki Museum. 

Strolling Around the Famed Tenryuji Temple Grounds in Arashiyama

The Bamboo Grove may be the most Instagrammed attraction in Arashiyama, but Tenryuji Temple is without doubt the most important. This World Heritage Zen temple was established all the way back in 1339, and quickly became the top ranking temple of Kyoto’s...

Contemplating the Mysterious Rock Garden of Ryoanji Temple

Ryoanji Temple is a UNESCO listed Zen Buddhist Temple home to Japan’s most famous rock garden. Nobody knows who designed the ancient plot, and visitors come in droves to try and unlock its untold mysteries. The temple, though previously the villa of...

Bib Gourmand Zen Buddhist Vegetarian Cuisine: Shigetsu in Arashiyama

As I swept aside Shigetsu’s entrance curtain an hour ahead of my reservation, stomach rumbling, I was truly hoping it wasn’t going to be one of those dainty Michelin meals. But firstly I was hoping they’d let me in early. While there...