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Where To Get Japanese Breakfast in Tokyo Without Breaking The Bank

Are you a budget conscious traveller? If so, you’re probably not staying in a hotel with a complimentary buffet breakfast. So what to do when your stomach is rumbling and the lunch places are still shuttered up at 10:00am? We’ve got you....

All Day Breakfast in Tokyo at Tractor, Nakameguro

Laid back, tattooed staff, grungy design, avocado on toast and cold drip coffee. Sounds like a regular Sunday morning in Melbourne, but it’s in fact one of the best places to grab breakfast in Tokyo: Tractor in Nakameguro. 

An American Style Cafe; Good Town Bakehouse in Yoyogi Uehara

“The Japanese people just do everything so authentically. They copy every last detail and make sure it’s perfect". This is a constant refrain from outsiders witnessing Japanese culture for the first time, especially food and drink culture. It’s this spirit of authenticity...

Matcha Pancakes at ‘A Happy Pancake’ Kyoto

Anyone in Japan (or surveying it via Instagram) knows that pancakes are it and a bit. The fluffier and more kawaii, the better. Osaka pancake purveyors Shiawase no Pancake (a Happy Pancake) opened in 2015 and have since expanded operations all over...