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Nishi and Higashi Hongan-ji: East Meets West in Central Kyoto

Nishi and Higashi Hongan-ji are neighbour temples, hidden in plain sights in the middle of Kyoto city.

Kyoto City Walking Tour: Zen, Books, and Coffee.

View This Walking Tour on Google Maps The historical city of Kyoto was the capital of Japan during the nation's most prolific period of cultural growth and refinement. In 1868, Kyoto lost its capital city status when Japan's...

Kyoto City Walking Tour – Gardens, Gates and Geiko.

View Full Tour on Google Maps As tourism in Japan rises almost exponentially year-on-year, it's becoming harder to find secluded spots to enjoy. Luckily, a Kyoto City Walking Tour is the ideal solution to coach tours, overloaded city...

Kyoto City Walking Tour: Concrete, Jungles and Kyoto’s Oldest Shrine.

View This Tour on Google Maps If you're looking for a relaxed-pace walking tour in the lesser-known northward districts of Kyoto city, look no further. Today's half-day walking tour can utilise the best of the fine, fresh weather...