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Zuiganzan Enkoji Temple: Moss, Maples, Modernism

Zuiganzan Enkoji is a traditional Buddhist temple with a modern twist, hidden in Kyoto's eastern Higashiyama hills.

Nanzen-ji: Heart of the Five Mountains.

'Temple Fatigue' is one of the most common afflictions affecting foreign visitors to Kyoto. Of course, each and every guidebook claims that any given Buddhist Temple is 'unmissable.' Lacking clear guidance, tourists traipse from one near-identical zen paradise to the next. Eventually,...

Sofukuji Temple: Nagasaki’s Ming Dynasty Jewel

Ryugumon (Gate of the Dragon Palace) Visiting Nagasaki, you’ll quickly see that it’s a very different kind of Japanese city. The centuries-old influences from China and Europe still remain as much a part of the cultural and physical...