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Tips for Catching the Train or Bus in Tokyo

Using public transport in Tokyo can feel overwhelming, it’s the largest city in the world and has a train and bus network to match. While it takes some getting used to, it’s also extremely efficient and will get you literally anywhere you...

Backpacking Through Japan – An Overview

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In the spring of 2019, my fiancée and I spent three weeks backpacking from Tokyo to Okinawa. Traveling over 2000 kilometers using a mix of almost two dozen local trains, five buses, and one boat, we managed to traverse more than half...

The Churaumi Aquarium: Okinawa Without a Car Day 5

The largest water-tank at the aquarium is home to hundreds of Okinawa's underwater denizens.
On the last day of our Okinawa trip, we decided to commune with sea life at the Churaumi Aquarium. About Churaumi Taking its name from the Okinawan word for beautiful (chura) and the Japanese word...

The Okinawan Resort Life: Okinawa Without a Car Day 4

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For many travelers to Okinawa, lazing around at a resort is their main purpose. Okinawan resorts line much of the mainland coast, and several more dot the smaller surrounding islands. Whether you want to use them as a base to explore, or...

A Jog through Okinawa World: Okinawa Without a Car Day 3

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We returned from island life to the Okinawan mainland with a day to kill. Soon we would be up at a resort lazing at yet another beach, but for the time being, we had to find something to do in or around...

Shimanami Kaido – Island Wave Sea Highway: Tokyo to Okinawa Day 6

I’ve never been much of a bicycle rider, but the course along the Shimanami Kaido (Island Wave Sea Highway) makes me wish I was. Every year in late fall, the highway that connects Shikoku to the mainland floods with cyclists. Participants travel...