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Matsuya, The Blue And Yellow Beef Bowl Place

When you first come to Japan, either as a tourist or a new resident, there are so many things you miss out on or you simply don’t notice. One of these things are the fast food and chain restaurants of Japan. Another...

Where To Get Japanese Breakfast in Tokyo Without Breaking The Bank

Are you a budget conscious traveller? If so, you’re probably not staying in a hotel with a complimentary buffet breakfast. So what to do when your stomach is rumbling and the lunch places are still shuttered up at 10:00am? We’ve got you....

Torimero yakitori: A cheap chain restaurant with many locations in Tokyo

Living in Tokyo you take some things for granted. Two of these things are cheap food and the high quality of ingredients used. Believe it or not, Torimero yakitori, a chain yakitori restaurant with 53 locations in Tokyo alone, and outlets...