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A $500 Sandwich At Nakameguro’s Wagyu Mafia

In Tokyo, you can totally get by eating on a dime. But when there’s so much high quality and Michelin food all around, it’s tempting to splurge every now and again. Before you freak out, no I didn’t pay $500 for a...

Standing Yakiniku Restaurant Jiromaru: a great place for A5 Wagyu Beef

Whenever I have visitors in town, I love taking them to a stand-up dining place. Stand up dining, or tachigui, is an old fashioned way to enjoy a quick bite in Japan. Think affordable meals, scarfed down between appointments, all without creasing...

Delicious Yakiniku at Hiro Beef, Pontocho

The Pontocho area is one of Kyoto’s go-to spots for food, drink and a dose of traditional Japanese aesthetic. Wander along the gently lit alleyways far enough and you’ll come across the charming Hiro Pontocho yakiniku restaurant. If you’re in the mood...