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Classic Burgers at Golden Brown, Nakameguro

Tokyo is home to plenty of burger joints; of which I’m slowly making my way through, one bun at a time. An online search returns an array of near-identical burgers which would indicate a lack of variety....

Glover Garden, Nagasaki’s Foreign Settlement

Perched atop a hill in the Minami-Yamate district, Glover Garden is one of Nagasaki’s most popular attractions. Part garden, part open-air museum, this charming spot offers great insight into the early western settlers who made Japan their...

Turkish Rice at Kyushu’s First-Ever Cafe “Tsuruchan”

I’m not the first to suggest Nagasaki’s food is a metaphor for the city itself; an exciting, and at times confusing, blend of cultures and influences. For hundreds of years, Japan has been sampling new ingredients from...