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Goto Udon: One Heavenly Hell Pot

Japan is a haven for noodle lovers. With various types and even more regional variations, there’s something for everyone. Among the heavy hitters is udon, a thick, wheat noodle beloved by locals. In summer, it can be...

Sara Udon: Nagasaki’s OTHER Famous Regional Dish

When it comes to regional dishes of Nagasaki, Champon wins the popularity contest hands down. It seems to have made the biggest impact nationally, in any case; you can find noodle cup and convenience store versions all over Japan. Coming in a...

Nagasaki Champon: The City’s Most Famous Regional Dish

Also known as Chanpon (with an ‘n’), this is a local Nagasaki dish which was heavily influenced by Chinese cuisine. It originated in the early 1900s at one of Nagasaki’s Chinese restaurants where the local Chinese students would come to eat. Chock-full...