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Hanami in Inokashira Park: A How To Guide

It would be a shame to be in Japan during cherry blossom season and not partake in a hanami! While the word “hanami” simply means “flower viewing”, to most people this brings to mind a picnic on a blue plastic sheet under...

Somei Yoshino: The Ageing King of Cherry Blossoms

Known as the 'king of cherry trees', the Somei Yoshino variety have delighted hanami goers for generations. But despite their beauty, they are slowly being replaced by other varieties. Read on to find out why.

Ueno Park: One of the Best Places to see Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Ueno Park
Come springtime in Japan, there’s one thing on everybody’s mind: cherry blossoms. People watch the forecasts, scrutinise the buds and, when the time is right, head to the parks to lay down their picnic blankets and crack into the snacks. It’s all...

Tokyo’s Plum Blossom Season: Where and why you should go

While much ado is made about Japan's cherry blossom season, winter-weary travellers should also consider Tokyo’s magnificent plum blossom season. With blossoms opening throughout February and lingering until early March, it offers all of the festivals, springtime splendour, and photo-ops that cherry...

Heading North? Check Out This Massive 6-Pointed Star Fort: Goryokaku in Hakodate

Ah, Hokkaido. Japan’s great white north. The country’s mysterious, Northern-most island draws skiers and ice sculpture enthusiasts from all corners of the world. (It's a hotspot for ice cream lovers, too.) Furthermore, the island has some truly intriguing points of interest to...