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Watch the Forest Fireflies of Ishigaki Declare Their Summer Love

Every year in Japan, as the spring season fades and the temperature starts to rise, something magical happens. The conditions have to be almost perfect, the stage set and the mood just right. Then, the fireflies light up the night to find...

Unlimited Fun at Kabukicho’s Okinawa Paradise

If you’re after a rowdy night with Tokyo locals, look no further than Okinawa Paradise. This Shinjuku restaurant may be a little tricky to find, but is well worth the effort. Located in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district, Okinawa Paradise sits three floors up...

Kayaking through Paradise on Okinawa’s Iriomote Island

As I paddled my kayak through the mangroves, a hawk circled overhead and a chorus of bird calls floated out of the surrounding forest. This is when I fell in love with Iriomote Island. Located in the sub-tropical southern tip of Japan,...

Island Hopping in Okinawa: Where to Go and How to Do It

There are a thousand reasons to love Okinawa. However, there’s no need to limit yourself to the main island. Okinawa may be the largest island in the Ryukyu Archipelago, but it isn’t the only. The region contains well over 100 islands, and...

The Churaumi Aquarium: Okinawa Without a Car Day 5

The largest water-tank at the aquarium is home to hundreds of Okinawa's underwater denizens.
On the last day of our Okinawa trip, we decided to commune with sea life at the Churaumi Aquarium. About Churaumi Taking its name from the Okinawan word for beautiful (chura) and the Japanese word...

The Okinawan Resort Life: Okinawa Without a Car Day 4

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For many travelers to Okinawa, lazing around at a resort is their main purpose. Okinawan resorts line much of the mainland coast, and several more dot the smaller surrounding islands. Whether you want to use them as a base to explore, or...

A Jog through Okinawa World: Okinawa Without a Car Day 3

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We returned from island life to the Okinawan mainland with a day to kill. Soon we would be up at a resort lazing at yet another beach, but for the time being, we had to find something to do in or around...

Zamami and its Many Beaches: Okinawa Without a Car Day 2

Much of Zamami's coastline is comprised of sandy beaches and coral reef.
While some visitors to Okinawa never leave the main island, travelers in search of deeper relaxation frequently make their way to some of the less-visited islands. At the end of our second night in Okinawa, we got on a short ferry and...

The High Walls of Shuri Castle: Okinawa Without a Car Day 1

The bright colors and ornate exterior of Shuri castle is frequently compared to the Forbidden City in Beijing.
Its frequently said that a car is the perfect way to experience Okinawa. It lacks the dense interconnected rail system that dominates the rest of Japan. We, however, were in no position to rent a car and so had to rely on...

The Okinawa Ferry Voyage: Tokyo to Okinawa Day 14

The top deck was the only escape from the sometimes claustrophobic space below decks.
This is the last day of our trip from Tokyo to Okinawa, but the journey doesn’t stop with the Okinawa ferry. To keep up with the last portion of our trip, checkout the Okinawa Without a Car series here.