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Front Row Seats For Neon: A Dotonbori River Cruise

In 1612, an Osakan man by the name of Yasui Doton began work on a canal to connect two nearby rivers and increase commerce to his part of town. Though he died in battle before completing his plan, the canal was later...

Daru-madness at О̄saka’s Katsuōji Temple.

Daruma at Katsuō-ji
Thousands of 'used' Daruma? Welcome to the mountain temple of Katsuō-ji. One could say with confidence that the temple of Katsuō-ji could be classed as an 'under the radar' type of location. When people...

Back to the Futurism: It’s still the 1990’s in Osaka’s Den Den Town.

Den Den Town Osaka on Velvia 100
While many people will recognise Akihabara as Tokyo's centre for all things 'otaku', Osaka harbours its own, lesser-known tech-geek paradise. With its home-grown and grassroots atmosphere, Den Den Town is the embodiment of the best of the Dirty South.

Osaka Castle: A Guide to the Park and Museum

osaka castle tower
Many of the world’s most famous and captivating cities have a single landmark that stands tall and dominates the skylines. This landmark defines the city’s atmosphere, history, and beauty. For Paris, it’s the Eiffel Tower; for London, it’s Big Ben. Tokyo has...

All Shook Up at Osaka’s Elvis-themed Bar USAGI

Bars in Japan
It’s easy to let the night get away from you in Osaka; it's a city that works hard and plays even harder. Just take a midnight stroll through Dotonbori and the surrounding alleys to see what I mean; Karaoke blasting out of...

Great Osaka Indoor Activity: Kaiyukan (Osaka Aquarium)

Kaiyukan, or Osaka Aquarium, is one of the finest aquariums in Japan, housing over 30,000 creatures across 620 different species. The design takes visitors on a tour of the Pacific Ocean past fifteen large tanks, each representing...

Leave the Muggle World behind at USJ’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter

universal studios japan wizarding world of harry potter (wwohp) harry potter theme park
Accio, wand! Over the years, millions of Harry Potter fans have practiced their spells, awaited their acceptance letters, and defended their beloved house. (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or … Hufflepuff?) Japan, known internationally for its robust fan communities, has been no exception. Now,...

Suntory Yamazaki Whisky Distillery Tours

suntory yamazaki distillery whisky whiskey
Whiskey. Ireland and Scotland both claim to have first created it—in fact the word roughly translates to ‘water of life’ in Gaelic. Thanks to globalisation, this dark and brooding spirit has made its way worldwide and into the hands and hearts of...