Tokyo food trucks at Commune 2nd, Omotesando.

Commune 2nd is a food truck park in Tokyo’s Omotesando neighbourhood. A calm oasis in the bustling Omotesando streets and a great place to stop and catch your breath. Originally opened as Commune 246, it rebranded and reopened in 2017 ready to take on the world.

tokyo food trucks at commune 2nd omotesando

From the street, you’ll notice a large banner touting the name, stretched above a black tobacco stand. Once you enter, you are overwhelmed by the colours, textures and choices. With all the timber and potted plants, it feels very natural. There are people sitting and lounging in all kinds of nooks and crannies nodding along to the music. It’s the kind of place where you’ll find office workers beside tourists beside shoppers taking a break.  

tokyo food trucks at commune 2nd omotesando
tokyo food trucks at commune 2nd omotesando

Food trucks

The food is served from, well technically not trucks—they’re more like food stands. And there are many. As you walk around, you’ll see ribbon fries, German food, Thai, tapas, seafood, gyoza—you name it. All looking fresh and inviting. Commune 2nd is linked with the Farmer’s Market @ UNU, so many of the food providers have access to the fresh, organic produce. Do a few laps and see what looks good. It’s sure to have something for every palate.  

tokyo food trucks at commune 2nd omotesando


This is the kind of place to enjoy a drink. It’s chill, it’s open air and everyone is looking to unwind. Each food provider usually offers drinks and cocktails so you can do a one-stop-shop rather than lining up at multiple places. Whatever you’re in the mood for is surely possible; there’s beer on tap or in bottles, shochu on the rocks or fruity cocktails.  

There is also Beer Brain, a dedicated bar—close to the entrance on the left. It’s a mobile beer stand, created by a group of friends who used their brewing, architectural, carpentry and marketing skills to create it.

tokyo food trucks at commune 2nd omotesando


There seem to be events and promotional things happening here all the time, though the website doesn’t have much information. Best to check their Instagram (click ‘see translation’) for the scoop.

Commune 2nd is a pretty unique place in Tokyo. Sure, there are weekend markets and pop up stalls at festivals, but a permanent relaxing space like this is hard to come by. So whether you are looking for a place to post up with friends, a quick lunch break or a break from the hustle bustle, it’s a great option.

Open: Every day 11:00am–9:45pm (last food 9:15pm / last drinks 9:30pm)
Address: 3 Chome-13 Minamiaoyama, Minato City, Tokyo

Post by Japan Journeys.