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Could ‘American’ Be The Biggest Sandwich In Tokyo?

Ginza, Tokyo. An upscale neighbourhood all about high-end shopping and dining. As such, many cuisines have been introduced and taken off in the area, one of which, surprisingly, is the humble sandwich. Why sandwiches in Ginza, you may wonder. According to a veteran bartender,...

Strolling Arashiyama’s Shopping Strip Like a Pro

With gorgeous scenery and impressive temples, shrines and gardens, it’s no wonder Arashiyama draws the tourist crowds it does. Just a short bus or train ride from central Kyoto, you’ll find yourself in one of the most bustling day trip spots around....

Pizza Toast and Kombucha at Café Benisica

Yurakucho's long standing Café Benisica launched the Japanese pizza toast craze Many wouldn’t immediately associate Japan with coffee, but just looking around, you can’t deny there is a real love for it. It all began after WW2 with the launch of traditional coffee shops called...

Sangenjaya Tour – Burgers, Cafes and a Stop in the Park

Tokyo is filled with trendy neighborhoods. Some of them, like Ginza, are more oriented to high-end shoppers and diners. Others, like Shimo-Kitazawa cater to students and artists. Sangenjaya, on the other hand is a little bit quieter and a little bit more...

Cafe Orion is A Cute and Quiet Little Escape in Nara

Daily lunch set at Cafe Orion
Things don’t always look that promising when you’re walking around the back streets of Nara a little further away from the station—everything seems too quiet, and most of it looks residential or shuttered. But sometimes, all you need is to venture slightly...

All Day Breakfast in Tokyo at Tractor, Nakameguro

Laid back, tattooed staff, grungy design, avocado on toast and cold drip coffee. Sounds like a regular Sunday morning in Melbourne, but it’s in fact one of the best places to grab breakfast in Tokyo: Tractor in Nakameguro. 

A Circuit Through Shimokitazawa

Shimokitazawa, known as Shimokita by locals, is one of the primary centers of youth culture in Tokyo. Full of vintage clothing, live music, theater, and food, the area attracts an eclectic mix of performers, shoppers, and college students. In recent years, the...

Liquid Tiramisu in a Cup: Vietnamese Egg Coffee at Cafe Giang in Yokohama

Cafe Giang's signature egg coffee
At first glance, Yokohama seems like the sleepy, more sedate sister to Tokyo’s glitz and glamour. It’s more spacious and has fewer crowds overall. Even on weekends, when families with young kids are out in full force, it’s positively mellow. But this...

Urban Oasis: Aoyama Flower Market Teahouse

Cafe in Aoyama
Interior of Tokyo cafe 'Aoyama Flower Market Teahouse' The air is sweet, and fresh blooms adorn every surface at this Tokyo cafe. Patrons tuck themselves into cozy corners, enjoying a bite to eat or easing back with a...

Café Hassui, Arashiyama’s Luxury Teahouse

Arashiyama is one of Kyoto’s most popular tourist spots with locals and visitors alike. The bamboo forest, monkey park and serene nature are among the many reasons people visit year-round. There is plenty to do here besides...